Cody’s 2018 Porsche Panamera did not live up to his expectations when he purchased it.  It offered ample room and great styling, but it was far from complete for Cody.  Cody wanted a more aggressive look and needed more performance to match the style.


Performance was fairly easy to achieve on the car.  This Panamera utilizes the V6 twin turbo.  This engine is a popular package in the new Panamera. After approximately 4 hours on the dyno, we added an additional 70 horsepower and 70 pounds of torque to Cody’s car.  On this vehicle, power is added throughout the RPM range, making the car a much more exciting and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

We tinted the windows to begin the change to the appearance. In order to make the car appear more aggressive, we added a set of sinister-looking black AG 2-piece forged wheels.  We also changed the caliper color to Speed Yellow and added some Brembo logos to the large factory calipers. Lastly, we lowered the car and gave it an intimidatingly aggressive stance.

After these improvements, this car does not look like every Panamera you see running around SoCal.  With some simple tweaks, Cody has himself a unique-looking Panamera that now turns heads.


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