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WORLD MOTORSPORTS - Porsche 992 Turbo/Turbo S Methanol Injection Kit

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PORSCHE 992 TURBO S METHANOL INJECTION KIT   This Methanol Injection kit is custom built for the Porsche 992 Turbo...

WORLD MOTORSPORTS - Porsche 992 Turbo/Turbo S Methanol Injection Kit




This Methanol Injection kit is custom built for the Porsche 992 Turbo S.  We have taken everything we learned from installing hundreds of meth kits in the 991 Turbo and applied that knowledge to building this kit for the 992 Turbo.  This makes this the finest kit available for the Porsche 992 Turbo S.


  • Strong custom made mount for the meth tank and pump
  • Utilizes proper pump configuration for performance
  • Large 2 gallon meth tank that is also baffled
  • Tank has an easy to open cap and it the easiest to fill
  • Clear tank so you can visually see level
  • Leaves the most available trunk space of any meth tank 
  • Proper stainless steel PTFE lines designed to withstand the corrosiveness of Methanol
  • Nozzle connections are all hardline connections for a safe leak free connection to the engine
  • Comes with premade harness to make the installation trouble free
  • Meth controller supplied with custom adapter to replace the Chrono Clock with a factory connection
  • World Motorsports proprietary pump for the 992 Turbo kit


If you are looking to add methanol injection to your 992 Turbo, this is the only kit for you. 


The limiting factor to making big power on a 992 Turbo S is the lack of fuel.   The 992 fuel injector cannot be upgraded, the 992 high pressure fuel pump cannot be upgraded either.  Once you have reached the limit of the fuel system you cannot supply enough fuel for more power.  This was the same issue that the 991 Turbo had. The meth kit also helps out tremendously in cooling your air intake temperatures helping prevent heat soak problems in your car.


For customers that need to overcome this situation, a methanol injection kit is added to these car.  This is the way to maximize the performance of a 992 Turbo that has upgraded turbos.  Bring the cold weather to your engine and lower the intake air temperature with our methanol kit.



We introduce the redesigned water/meth injection kit for the 992 Turbo from World Motorsports.  This kit is designed to securely mount everything in a 992 Turbo while leaving more trunk space than any other meth kit on the market.  

Our kit uses a large 2 gallon tank. The tank is also baffled which will prevent the feed from running out of meth during spirited driving.  

Our methanol injection pump gets placed in the small pocket on the passenger side of the frunk and the tank mounts right next to it which only uses 6" of your space leaving you with more room than any other meth kit.  



The tank comes with a custom mount for the Porsche 992 Turbo.  The mount is designed to hold the methanol pump and the 2 gallon tank securely in place.  Once the pump is positioned in the pocket area, the rest of the holes are correctly placed so that the bracket can be securely mounted to the floor.

Click here for a link to our installation guide.

Click here for a list of recommended tools for this installation.


 We also include a Snow Performance Water/Meth controller with the kit.  It also comes with everything you need to mount the controller in your 992 Turbo Chrono clock.  It will install just like your factory chrono when you use this kit. The kit also comes with 3 custom harnesses to make the install trouble free.




We also supply a PTFE lined stainless steel braided line with crimped on fittings to insure a proper leak free and vapor free connection from the pump to the engine.  This line is properly sized for the 992 Turbo.  The PTFE stainless steel line is a more expensive option than other suppliers use but we feel it is necessary when using methanol.  The connection to the CSF intercooler uses stainless steel hard lines which will provide a safe a secure connection from the stainless braided line to the 2 meth injection nozzles.



Installation of this methanol injection kit or any other methanol kit on the market will require that your cars ECU is properly calibrated to maximize your cars potential.

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