The most comprehensive chassis dyno in North America
is available for our customers’ needs. From a basic tune to much larger builds, our customers’ cars are all safely developed on this dyno.
“I was super impressed with the dynamometer setup. I’ve never seen a dyno with multiple 3 to 5-foot diameter fans, and an entirely enclosed booth to create a wind-tunnel effect with as much airflow passing over the car as possible.”
- Ryan C.
Variable speed 160 horsepower axial intake fan
We use this dyno as a testing tool to make sure we deliver our customers’ cars in a manner they are ready to perform. We now have customers that are shipping us their Porsches from all over Europe for builds. We make sure to test and tune all cars on fuels that are available in the client’s country, sending them back a car that is ready for business. When it comes to newer 991 and 992 Porsche turbo’s, give us a call or send us an email to see what we can do for you.
McLaren dyno flush mounted in the ground for testing extremely low cars
3 exhaust extraction and air transfer fans. We have unleaded and leaded race fuels available on premises.
This dyno is also available for rent. Whether you need a place for your tuner to tune your car, or you need to do some development work on a project, our dyno is available for you.
Our dyno is utilized by Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, TRD, Saleen, Mountune, Cobb, M Engineering, Dyno Spectrum, and By Design—to name a few that you are probably familiar with.
3 exhaust extraction and air transfer fans
Our dyno transfers all the air in the room more than 20 times per minute. When you use our dyno, you can be assured to breathe in fresh air, avoid overheating problems, and get more done in a day on our dyno than any other.
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