The Car: 2014 Porsche 991.1 Turbo

The Mods:

  • Kline 3″ Race Exhaust
  • Do** Intake Pipes
  • BMC Air Filter
  • Cobb Accessport
  • Custom Tune for the Accessport
  • Sport Turbo Upgrades
  • Kline Stainless Steel Headers
  • TechArt Lowering Springs
  • H&R Spacers
  • World Motorsports Titanium Lug Nuts
  • Custom Meth Kit
  • IPD Plenum
  • IPD Y-pipe
  • 315/30-20 Toyo R88 Rear Tires
  • 255/35-20 Toyo R88 Front Tires
  • HKS Blow off Valves, custom-mounted on his y-pipe

The Mods: A Breakdown


First, we’ll hear from World Motorsports co-founder, Craig Paisley, to get some details on the mods.


“I met Justin when he was driving past our shop one day in a brand new modified NSX. Justin ran into one of our customers leaving with his 991 Turbo.  After witnessing how the 991 Turbo did against his NSX, he made the decision to switch to a Porsche. He bought a Porsche 991 Turbo with 10,000 miles on it and came to the shop for upgrades just two days after he purchased the car.


He received a custom exhaust, high flow intake plumbing to the turbos, high flow BMC air filter, a set of CSF intercoolers, Kline headers, Tial upgraded turbos, HKS racing sequential blow off valves, a meth kit, IPD plenum, IPD y-pipe. He is tuning it all on a Cobb Accessport.


Justin also wanted his car to look the part. We lowered his car with a set of TechArt springs and installed some H&R 14mm spacers and longer titanium lightweight lug bolts.


The tires were swapped out with a set of Toyo R888 tires for improved traction. We used a set of 315/30-20’s on the rear and a set of 255/35-20’s on the front. The tires were installed on the factory wheels.


Lastly, we put the car on the dyno for final tuning. When Justin dropped the car off, we got it on the dyno and it put down 528HP to the wheels.  After a week of working on the car, we put it back on the dyno for tuning. It made 630 horsepower on 91 Octane pump fuel.  With 91 Octane and the meth injection turned on, it made 740 horsepower. We then did a tune for 100 octane fuel and it made just under 800 horsepower.


Justin came back recently to paint his wheels, lightly tilt his taillights, install some Black Emblems, and install some clear corner marker light.”




Q&A with Justin R.


Next, we spoke with Justin R. to hear more.


Tell us the story behind your Porsche.


This was the first Porsche I ever bought. It’s a 991.1, model year 2014-16. I’ve had a lot of cars in the past—an M5, a Nissan GTR, and I currently have a 2019 NSX. I’ve already modified the NSX as much as possible from an engine modification perspective. I was really looking forward to something that could attract more power and speed. The racing pedigree and aftermarket were both exciting for the 991.1. I bought it, took it to World Motorsports right away, and got the Stage 4 + Kit within a week.


How does your Porsche perform after the upgrades?


The speed was 2.51 for 0 to 60 and 2.25 on the street, verified by my Draggy unit.


What has been your favorite upgrade so far?


The By Design Kit is designed to work as a package—from the intake, headers, turbo manifolds, and Kline exhaust, to the liquid meth injection—it all works together to achieve a certain performance number and do it in a balanced way.


How was your experience working with us?


World Motorsports is great. They under-promised and overdelivered. They’re all real experts in the industry. Everybody was great and really responsive every time I called. World is known as the go-to place for Porsche tuning. I had driven a stock Porsche all of about 100 miles before I modded it.


What was the vision for your car? Did we hit the mark?


My vision was for it to go fast, and World Motorsports definitely hit the mark. I got the dyno chart for the 100-octane map, and it hit 790HP and 710 torque.


What kind of driving to you enjoy with your Porsche 991 Turbo?


All sorts of driving. I’m into canyon driving and freeway pulls—everything safe and legal.


Do you have any more upgrades or mods planned?


They did TechArt lowering springs and the wheel spacers already, so right now they are going to get the taillights smoked and some wheels modified. Just some tasteful external changes to show that it’s something special. I’m really into the sleeker style. They are doing the Blackout Emblems and it should look pretty cool.


What’s the most surprising thing about owning your car?


The fact that it shoots fire.


Does your car draw attention? Why do you think that is?


Yeah. It’s a sleeper, so no real attention. But the real enthusiasts know what to look for and they know it’s something special. My car is black and it blends in because I drive on its native turf, with the Porsche experience center being in LA. I’d say it blends in with the right crowd.


What does it mean to have our high-level, exclusive and accessible services available to you?


World is great. The car is reliable—I’ve already put about 2 or 3,000 miles on it since I’ve gotten it back. I’ve gone up north to Yosemite and back, to Orange County, and driven a lot of freeway miles. That’s the cool thing about this car: it is a comfortable cruiser when you want it to be and a crazy racecar when you hit the sport plus button.