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IN STOCK AT WORLD MOTORSPORTS Introducing the Akrapovic exhaust for the very capable Porsche 992 Turbo. ...



Introducing the Akrapovic exhaust for the very capable Porsche 992 Turbo. 

We keep all Akrapovic systems for the Porsche 992 Turbo in stock at our shop.  

This easy to install exhaust still utilizes the factory exhaust valves allowing you to still control the exhaust note through the button on the dash.  It also works flawlessly for the Sport and Sport Plus settings.  

It is fully made from lightweight titanium.  Even the exhaust valves are cast at the in house titanium foundry at Akrapovic.  This is the best constructed aftermarket exhaust available for your car.  It is also extremely lightweight compared to the factory exhaust it replaces which gives your car an added boost in performance by making it lighter.

The straight through design allows for no exhaust restriction.  Akrapovic managed to incorporate this design and package it correctly be casting a custom titanium crossover pipe to give it a perfect fit.  

The Akrapovic exhaust represents great value for the 992.  This is the first time that Akrapovic has managed to release an exhaust that is inline with all the competitors pricing.  

Your new Porsche 992 Turbo will retain the factory warranty with this exhaust on your car as well.  You will have no fuel smells from this exhaust when idling and it is also fully emissions compliant.




All of the knowledge and experience gained while working with various engines from the sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart was poured into this outstanding aftermarket exhaust system.  Produced from lightweight titanium, the system uses complex parts meticulously crafted using the in-house titanium foundry to offer perfect acoustics. An instant deepness prevails from the moment the engine is started and as the revs rise, and so does the sensory involvement. At low rpms the exhaust emits a deep, iconic flat-six rumble, moving through a powerful mid-range, which then develops into a rich, strong, and high-frequency acoustic sensation at high revs, perfectly tuned to upshifts, providing a thrilling experience as the higher gears are selected and exhilarating, race-inspired burbles through the downshifts. This sound pattern is achieved with a carefully calculated H-link between the main pipes, which is precisely welded at a selected position. The system has been developed for use on closed-course competition circuits, but there is no compromise on comfort because the tuning of the system eliminates any drone or unwanted flow noise. Power and torque increases have been recorded at +16.6 kW (22.5 hp) and +46.8 Nm at 3,400 rpm when tested in back-to-back runs on the Akrapovič dyno against a Porsche 911 Turbo (992) using the Porsche stock sports exhaust system, with the torque curve offering a perfect response from low down engine speed. 

Fitment notice: The system is designed to replace the Porsche sport exhaust system. If you would like to install the Akrapovič exhaust system on vehicles with a non-sport stock exhaust, please check the installation instructions or request more information from official Akrapovič dealers.

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