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By Design 992 Turbo Stage 4+ Package

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The By Design Stage 4+ package is an all encompassing performance package that can produce well over 900 horsepower.  Through...

By Design 992 Turbo Stage 4+ Package

The By Design Stage 4+ package is an all encompassing performance package that can produce well over 900 horsepower.  Through collaboration and testing, this package is now available to install at our shop.  It includes upgrades to the engine and transmission.  It includes all the parts necessary to properly upgrade the power in your turbo to new heights.




  • Kline Proprietary 3" valve less exhaust in Stainless or Inconel
  • do88 Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
  • do88 Upgraded Intercooler Kit using a thicker Garret core
  • Plenum Upgrade
  • Tial Sport upgraded turbos 1200HP capable
  • Cobb Accessport
  • By Design Custom Tuning (Multiple Maps with and without Methanol)
  • 4 Bar MAP Sensors
  • World Motorsports Methanol Injection Kit
  • Dodson Clutch Upgrade
  • Transmission Software Upgrade

It utilizes a larger diameter Kline Innovation exhaust system.  This exhaust does not use any valves so the exhaust tone is not adjustable.  With that being said a lot of time and effort has gone into designing the exhaust to deliver the proper note that has become synonymous with the 991 Turbo By Design builds.  The exhaust is available in Inconel or in Stainless Steel.  

The intake has been fully replaced with a do88 carbon intake system which now utilizes a cone style air filter in place of the flat panel style filter.  This filter carries a lot more surface area than the panel filter it replaces.  The new airbox design allows a lot more airflow to the engine as well. This is not a simple air filter upgrade, this is a completely new intake system that is designed to deliver airflow far beyond what the OEM airbox can deliver.

We also rely on do88 to cool our intake air charge with it's new intercooler kit.  This new intercooler uses a much larger Garrett core than anything else available on the market.  Since the core is so much thicker, it replaces all the brackets and shrouding that comes on the original intercooler.  Of course, all the new shrouds are made from carbon fiber and all the new mounts and fasteners are machined for a precise, clean fit.  Not only are you getting a tried and tested Garret core, you are also getting a core that have over 25% more cooling area that further increases its cooling capacity.

The turbos are replaced by a set of Tial Sport turbos.  These are the turbos that have been the proven workhorses and power builders on the 991 Turbo platform.  Through a long year of design and testing, these turbos are now capable of producing over 1000 horsepower.  The best part is that they still retain the ability for a quick spool up and have easy control through the VTG system making them very ideal for making reliable power.

Included in this package is a Cobb Accessport.  This makes it very easy to switch between tunes. It also makes it easy to take and send logs via email to update the software when needed.  With this package it will come with a By Design pump gas tune (91 or 93 octane) and a By Design 100 octane tune for those days that you want to fill up with 100 octane at the pump.  It will also have a version of the tune for methanol and without methanol.  Now you can rely on Cobb to quickly change tunes dependent on the fuel in your vehicle.  

This build also relies on our World Motorsports additional fuel and cooling injection kit. This kit was designed specifically for the 992 turbo.  Every part on this methanol/fuel kit has been designed to get the most out of a 992 Turbo.  From the mounting of the tank and the pump, the sizing of the low pressure and high pressure lines, the included custom wiring harness and connections, the pump and nozzle sizing, the custom stainless hardline intercooler connections, and the custom adapters that are specific to the 992 turbo, everything about this kit is made with only the 992 turbo in mind.

In order to get all this power to the ground, we upgrade all the clutch frictions with a Dodson Motorsports clutch kit.  With the friction side handled by Dodson, the pressure side of the clutch system gets a By Design software update.  The software is designed to work with the Dodson Motorsports clutch kit, providing quick and precise shifts while easily handling the increased power.

This package is available for install at World Motorsports in Los Angeles, California.  We 

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