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PORSCHE 992 TURBO S - 50 State legal tune

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50-STATE LEGAL TUNE Porsche 992 Turbo S Easy to do: The Cobb Accessport for the 992 Turbo S can be...

PORSCHE 992 TURBO S - 50 State legal tune


Porsche 992 Turbo S

Easy to do:

The Cobb Accessport for the 992 Turbo S can be shipped directly to your home.  You can easily install this tune on your own.  It's as easy as plugging a code reader into the OBD port under the dash.  You don't need to pull your ECU from your car or use a laptop.  The Cobb Accessport offers a simple solution.

Street Legal in California:

The best news is that customers in California are safe to install and cruise down the PCH because this Accessport and the associated tunes all have an Executive Order from CARB making it 50-state legal under D-660-161!

Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

Upgrade forever with included off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations and the ability to custom tune for most bolt-on modifications via Accesstuner Pro.  

Pre-Loaded with tunes:

Cobb's Stage 1 calibrations for the 992 Turbo S are available for either 91 or 93 octane fuel and their increase over stock is truly astonishing.  On 93 octane fuel, Cobb observed 693 whp tuned compared to 618 whp stock and a mind-bending 702 wtq tuned compared to 570 wtq stock.  This means you have an additional 132 lb-ft of torque on tap in the mid range along with an increase of 75 hp pulling you through the powerband.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-loaded with 4 CARB legal maps 
  • Performance map for 91 octane
  • Performance map for 93 octane
  • Everything required is included for simple installation
  • Easy to follow on-screen prompts help you identify your vehicle and available maps
  • Revert your ECU back to the way it was pre-software with the AccessPort
  • Read and clear OBD II to help diagnose issues
  • Store 50+ maps from COBBs vast OTS map database, or your favorite Cobb Protuner and quickly switch between them for any need
  • The AccessPort doubles as a multifunction gauge to monitor boost or any other live information directly from the ECU
  • Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of your engine performance. Stores up to 10 hours
  • Measure vehicle performance parameters such as 0-60 time, 60 foot, 1/4 mile ET's, and trap speeds, and digital dyno

Simple Installation / Uninstall:  Everything is included for the simple installation!  Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle and available maps. Revert your ECU to exactly as it was before with the easy to use Uninstall option from the main menu.

Trouble Codes:  Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues. Clear them when resolved.  Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.

Gauges: Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.

Data Logging:  Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance.  Stores up to 10 hours

Performance Measuring:  Welcome to your own performance evaluation suite! Measure 0-60 mph time, 60 foot and ¼ mile ET’s. and Trap Speed.

Shift Light:  Set custom RPM warning lights for perfect shifts every time.

AP Manager:  Use your PC or Mac to manage maps, download recorded datalogs, or quickly update your Accessport.

    992 Turbo S Gains:

    • Stage1 91 Peak: +7.90% HP / Max: +19.90% TQ
    • Stage1 91 Max: Max: +19.40% TQ / Max: +20.00% TQ
    • Stage1 93 Peak: +11.90% HP / Max: +23.50% HP
    • Stage1 93 Max: +23.20% TQ / Max: +23.80% TQ

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      • 2021 Porsche 992 Turbo S Cabriolet
      • 2022 Porsche 992 Turbo S
      • 2022 Porsche turbo S Cabriolet
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