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do88 Carbon Fiber Intake Porsche 992 Turbo

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The world´s first model adapted air filter kit for Porsche 992 Turbo, Turbo S!BackgroundUpon launching the 992 generation Porsche had...

do88 Carbon Fiber Intake Porsche 992 Turbo
The world´s first model adapted air filter kit for Porsche 992 Turbo, Turbo S!

Upon launching the 992 generation Porsche had abandoned intercooler and air filter layout that has been used in the previous 996, 997 and 991 generations. Each car model comes with its own challenges and preconditions. While the principle is the same as ever, the layout of the intercooler system is something entirely new on this platform compared to previous versions, and this also affects the air intake. Contrary to earlier versions, the 992 no longer has a common, united air filter for both turbo chargers. The air filters themselves and their housings are located inside each rear fender. The air intake feeds for the filters are located in the decklid shared with the intercooler ambient duct and the rear fenders scoops. Looking at it from the side, this solution has more thought to it, but there´s absolutely room for improvement – we give you the do88 intake kit!

Key figures
- More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow!
- Airflow at 0,175 bar / 2,54 psi pressure drop: 1356-1632 CFM (1228 CFM), 10-33 % higher! (depending on version)
- 3D-freeform designed air filter box made in CAD environment
- Vacuum infused, prepreg carbon for best finish and fitment
- Fits towards OE or do88 inlet hoses (66 mm or 80 mm connection)
- Washable BMC cone filters with improved airflow. We recommend following the BMC regeneration procedure every 20,000 – 25,000 kms. See separate item.

The efficiency of a turbo charged engine is under direct influence of the inlet air temperature (IAT) and the backpressure in the system. A crucial aspect, yet often overlooked, is having sufficient airflow before the compressor to avoid surge. Less vacuum and colder air enables the turbo to produce a larger mass which in the end means more air to the intake – summing up, this means noticeable power gains. There are great power wins to be earned with a good induction system! Throughout our years in this business, with countless hours of evaluation and development, we have seen the coherent connection in between IAT, sufficient airflow to the compressor, and the impact this has on the output. With this knowledge in our pocket, it was clear to us already from the beginning that we wanted to create a closed system that is not affected by the surrounding temperature at the same extent as an open air filter is. We also saw the potential of an improvement beyond what a model adapted panel filter provide.

The finished product
We started the development by 3D-scanning the entire designated area on the car. This allowed us to work in a sensible manner, with the products in our CAD-environment using SolidWorks. The entire air filter system is optimized for airflow and radiuses and angles are reworked many times to achieve the best result! The finished product is verified with both Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) as well with our Superflow SF1020 flowbench. All efforts are made to offer real and trustworthy data for you as a customer.

The do88 air intake kit is made from vacuum infused, prepreg carbon fiber of the finest quality. To boost the airflow, the kit really takes advantage of the full space provided within the car´s structure. The carbon housings are made to accommodate a big, cone filter from renowned BMC, featuring their finest filter media at hand. The do88 intake kit replaces the entire OE air filter box and is a true performance upgrade!

This kit contains all you need to mount this on a Turbo or Turbo S. It comes in three different versions:

1. do88 intake kit alone with 66mm connections towards OE inlet hoses.
2. do88 intake kit with 66mm connections and do88 66mm inlet hoses.
3. do88 intake system with 80mm connections and 80mm inlet hoses.

All three options provide better airflow, see the diagram for data. The model with 80mm connections will steal more room on the inner fender, by the rear tires. Please consider this when/if further modifications are done on the vehicle.

We are very proud of the performance upgrade this kit brings – especially on tuned cars demanding more oxygen, but an otherwise strictly unmodified car will also see improvements from the better airflow!
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