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IPD Carbon Fiber Y Pipe - Porsche 991.2 Turbo/Turbo S

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Our brand new 991 Carbon Y-Pipes are designed and engineered to deliver substantial net horsepower and torque gains across both...

IPD Carbon Fiber Y Pipe - Porsche 991.2 Turbo/Turbo S
Our brand new 991 Carbon Y-Pipes are designed and engineered to deliver substantial net horsepower and torque gains across both power curves, but without the weight penalty of cast aluminum construction. These lightweight Y-Pipes are inspired and modeled after our proven 991 Turbo Y-Pipes featuring slightly larger “non-round” runners and optimized merge collector areas that dramatically improve intake air flow and overall engine performance for both stock and highly modified Turbos. In determining the scope of change for our next generation Y pipes we considered a multitude of materials, manufacturing processes, and shapes. In the end, we determined that by using a composite, we could achieve a reduced wall thicknesses without the penalty of casting shift. The result was more cross-sectional area and therefore more air flow. But we didn’t stop there. We sought out an experienced manufacturing partner with a background in pinnacle level motorsports and insisted on using the highest quality UV stable structural prepreg composite with an autoclave cure. Because the finish of the outside is important for hose fit and aesthetics, we built the parts with female tools. However, we didn’t want to compromise the internal geometry with typical folds and wrinkles found with a vacuum bag layup, so we invested in bladder tooling to ensure a uniform and smooth internal surface. The side benefit of this aerospace grade process and material was 75% less weight of the part which sits behind the axle center line making it an important contributor to the handling and dynamics of rear engine cars. The superior design, materials and construction of our Carbon Y-Pipes deliver the same impressive gains of 40+ wheel HP and 50+ wheel TQ, but benefit from substantial weight reduction for Turbo clients who demand top tier level motorsport components and quality for their 991 Turbos and GT2RS’s. Just like all IPD products, our 991 Carbon Turbo Y-Pipes are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA. The 991 Carbon Turbo Y-Pipes are a direct bolt-on engine upgrade that require no modifications. We strongly recommend that an experienced Porsche technician who is familiar with the 991 platform perform the installation.
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