Alex Shu has had three cars at our shop at WORLD Motorsports: a Ford Raptor pickup truck and two Porsche 911 Turbo S’s. He lives in Hawaii and had all three shipped to our shop. We asked him about his two Porsche 911 Turbo S’s, one 2014 and one 2015, which he upgraded with the WORLD Motorsports 20 for 200 Package and upgraded turbochargers.

Tell us the story behind your Porsches.

Both of my Porsches were completely built by WORLD Motorsports. The first one, a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S, I had WORLD Motorsports completely build from stock. It didn’t take long to build it, just a couple weeks or so. The other one, a 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S, the previous owner did half of the modifications and I did the other half of the modifications.

Tell us about the performance upgrades to your Porsches.

They both have the exact same upgrades. They got upgraded turbo chargers, intercoolers, headers, race exhaust system, IPD intake parts, Cobb Accessport, and DSC Sports suspension controller. The 2014 car was made about 800 horsepower to the wheels. The 2014 had H&R lowering springs and the 2015 had TechArt lowering springs. Otherwise, they had the exact same upgrades.

“Would I do it again? Yeah. I would do it a third time, for sure!”

How do your cars perform after the upgrades?

It added a lot of horsepower, and it was quicker than most other cars on the road, including motorcycles. It performs really well. It is really reliable, just like factory. It’s not louder or harsher than factory in any way that it drove or sounded. Would I do it again? Yeah. I would do it a third time, for sure!

What has been your favorite upgrade so far?

The whole turbo performance upgrade was a complete package. That and the kit installed was just what I wanted.

How was your experience working with us?

It was great! The first car I modified was more hands on, meaning I was actually there to witness a lot of it happen. It was really fun and we had lunch together as well. The WORLD Motorsports facility is awesome. Compared to what I’m used to in Hawaii, we don’t have anything like it. It’s a complete automotive shop—we simply don’t have that kind of thing in Hawaii. That’s why I ship my cars to WORLD Motorsports.

What was the vision for your cars? Did we hit the mark?

I just like cool cars that look cool, sound cool, and are fast. Yeah, it was certainly hit. These are the fastest cars I’ve ever owned—by far. I targeted to have the ultimate street car for both Porsches. I say “ultimate street car” meaning it drives just like factory and it’s no rougher, but it’s a lot more powerful and looks way better—the complete package really. I’m familiar with modifying cars, and a lot of times, when you modify a car, it becomes too loud, where it’s uncomfortable to drive every day, or it’s too rough where you wouldn’t take a date out in it. It can also be too loud as far as looks, like it may suit a few people who like sports cars but other people would be like, “What the hell is that?” It looks too racer-ish or racer boy-ish.

Everything was just must better with no compromises.

What was the customization process like for you?

For the first process, I had my 2014 car shipped over to WORLD Motorsports. They began 50% of the modifications, and then when I arrived they finished the other 50% with me there in person. I was there for a couple days or so.

I also got to witness my car on the dyno, where they are actually tuning the car and the car is actually running. You can hear it going, it’s loud—it’s a really cool experience.
The second time, I didn’t witness any of that. I just had World Motorsports take care of it all and my friend picked it up and dropped it off at the port for me. I would have loved to see it in person but I just couldn’t make it out.

Have you taken it to the track? What kind of driving to you enjoy with your Porsches?

We don’t have a track in Hawaii, so it’s just a really, really, really fast street car. I intend to ship it to the mainland and attend some half mile racing events. Right now I just use it as my regular car – I take it to work and everywhere else.

Do you have any more upgrades or mods planned?

Yes! McLaren 570S is up next. I would certainly do a fourth car with WORLD Motorsports, for sure. Absolutely.

What does it mean to have our high-level accessible services available to you?

It’s good to know someone in LA to take a car for me and do maintenance or modifications. What I really like about WORLD Motorsports is that if I buy a car, I buy it from California for the large selection and then just have it sent to their shop. They’ll do some maintenance, and have it sent to Hawaii.

What’s the most surprising thing about owning your cars?

Just how complete and reliable they are.

How do you feel when driving? Do your Porsches draw attention?

I feel great driving it. It’s literally one of the fastest cars on the road. As far as attention-wise, it’s not the flashiest car so I like how it runs under the radar. Car guys will know what it is, but other people will think it’s just another Porsche.

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