With Greater Efficiency Comes Greater Power

A calibration tune on the new 911 Turbo S returns a 130-wheel horsepower gain?! That’s a lot to process, but before we tell you how we did it, we’re compelled to explain how we got here.


Ever more stringent emissions standards and fuel economy requirements have forced carmakers the world over to emphasize efficiency at the expense of power and performance. At Porsche, this aggression will not stand, and one of our favorite marques has managed to improve on not only the efficiency, but more importantly, the performance of the 2021 911.

Any successful undertaking is built on a strong foundation, and the all-new 992 is no exception. It starts with the block, which shares the basic flat-six layout and dimensions dating back generations. The biggest change is a less oversquare bore and stroke, which allows for a smaller combustion chamber. This results in a more efficient combustion, while the very similar stroke allows for higher revs to build more power. But that’s not all.


The big brains at Stuttgart used a process known as RSW (Rotating Single Wire) to coat the surfaces of the aluminum cylinder bores with a plasma-sprayed iron. It’s far more durable than a traditional Nikasil-coating and this innovation also enables Porsche to employ a stronger aluminum alloy for the block. Other advances include increased exhaust flow to the “smarter” variable-geometry turbos, which also benefit from increased air intake and reduced charge temps. On the chart-topping 911 Turbo S, this equates to a massive 18.3hp per liter gain over the outgoing 991 model to a now other-worldly 170.9 hp/liter. In other words, specific output goals af.


With its stouter block, better rod to stroke ratio, and a host of turbocharger advances, this engine is hungry for more. And here at WORLD Motorsports, we’ve already been hard at work exploring the myriad ways in which we can further exploit the performance potential of the new 9A2 engine family.


Given everything we knew, we wagered that the 992 Turbo S would respond well to a tune. The new Turbo S is rated at 640hp to the crank. On our dyno we saw a baseline of 580hp to the wheels. A quick software calibration gave us 710whp, for an unbelievable 130whp increase. A switch to 100 octane race gas resulted in a staggering 800whp pull.


Mind you, this is all done on a completely unmodified 2021Turbo S. With all of the additional upgrades WORLD is currently developing, we’re confident we can extract a four-digit power number using nothing more than select bolt-on modifications. This is only the beginning, as we have a barrage of performance upgrades in store for this model. 992 Turbo S uber alles!+


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